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What has the Licensed Beverage Association Done For You and Your Business?

The Licensed Beverage Association is the only statewide organization fighting exclusively for you business and your rights, some of our accomplishments are listed below.

Online RAMP Server/Seller Training:

The Pennsylvania Tavern Association was pleased to introduce Pennsylvania’s 1st PLCB approved and accepted Online Server/Seller RAMP training course! To see more about this online training course, please visit

The Licensed Beverage Association was an active lobbyist for the following 2011 liquor code modernization for retail licensees:

Catering Off-Premise with Alcohol: Ability to Cater Off-Premise with alcohol up to 50 times a year for R, H and E licensees.
Happy Hours: Ability to use your 14 hours of Happy Hour as you wish, including the provision that the happy hours do not have to be consecutive.
Entertainment During Extended Food Hours: Allows a retail licensee with extended food permits to continue entertainment past 2:30 AM.
Noise: Allowing for more lenient Noise Restrictions, licensees will now be able to have noise heard to their property line. In addition, noise violations will not count against a licensee’s renewal unless the licensee has received six such violations in a 24-month period.
Sunday Hours: Ability for retail licensees to begin serving alcoholic beverages beginning at 9 AM on Sundays if breakfast or brunch is available.
Records On Premises: Allows licensees to only keep the most recent six months worth of records on their licensed premise. The remaining two years worth of records may be kept at an off-site storage facility so long as those records can be returned to the licensed premise within 24 hours of a request by BLCE.
Non-Sufficient Fund Violations: Changes to worthless check investigations: If a licensee issues a check that is unsupported by sufficient funds, the licensee who accepts the check must notify the malt beverage compliance officer with the PLCB. The malt beverage compliance officer will then notify the licensee that issued the worthless check that he has ten days to honor the check or the matter will be turned over to the PA State Bureau of Liquor Control Enforcement for a citation.

Additional PA Licensed Beverage Association’s Legislative Accomplishments:

  • Stopped Philadelphia’s 15% liquor tax
  • Fought for ability to sell wine to go
  • Increased State Store discount for licensees to 10%
  • Passed recycling law in lieu if deposits
  • Increased ounces of sale for off-premise consumption from 144 to 192
  • Allowed minors to be permitted in licensed establishment with proper supervision
  • Protected secondary service area, including decks
  • Passed Underage Drinking law
  • Decreased Sunday Sales Food Percentage from 50% to 30%
  • Eliminated food requirements for Sunday Sales Permit and extended hours for Sunday sales
  • Allowed for PA Lottery tickets on licensed premises
  • Secured payment of premiums for licenses to be kept in safekeeping after 2 years instead of the deletion of said license
  • Expanded driver licenses, passports, visas, and military identification cards to be used as valid ID
  • Extended Hours Food License for Licensees to serve food from 2am to 7am
  • Ended Special Occupancy Tax ($250.00 annually)