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About Us

The Philadelphia Licensed Beverage Association is the local chapter of the Pennsylvania Licensed Beverage & Tavern Association. Our mission is to promote and protect businesses in the Commonwealth and ensure that their voice is heard in local, state and federal decisions that impact the business and livelihood of its members.

Frequently Asked Questions

What work does the Philadelphia Licensed Beverage Association do?
The Philadelphia Licensed Beverage Association is a regional chapter of the Pennsylvania Tavern Association, which has been the trade association and lobby group for the Commonwealth’s licensed beverage retailers since 1941. A full list of our accomplishments can be found by clicking here.

How can I learn more about Membership?
Click here full the full list of benefits.

Are BMI, SEASAC, and ASCAP legitimate companies?
Yes, they operate under the federal copyright laws and collect royalties for songwriters, composers, and artists. As a member, we offer to review your invoice and negotiate on your behalf to any of these companies that call on you.

How do I get my employees certified under the RAMP Server/Seller course and how many do I need to certify?
You may contact the Pennsylvania Tavern Association at 1-800-543-7683 and they will provide you with a trainer. Training is typically discounted 25-50% for members and our trainers are all very experienced in the industry. They are able to work according to your schedule (days, evenings, weekends) and travel to your establishment to train your servers. The class takes three hours to complete.

Does the Healthcare Reform Act pertain to my small business?
Yes. As a member we provide you with the exemption information that may excuse you from participating. We can also provide you with the information on group plans.

Members can contact us anytime for answers to more questions!