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House Bill 1196, Beer Bill Update

House Bill 1196, Beer Bill Update:

The Rules Committee met tonight. While the FREE THE BEER amendment was not passed in committee, several other amendments concerning PLCB revenues to General Fund, exterior doors, & beer club were passed onto the bill.The Senate has said they will not pass the bill with these amendments on the bill as late as last evening.According to the process, the bill is not able to be taken up by the House until 8pm tomorrow night unless there is a 2/3rd vote to suspend and take it up on the House floor. The political process is daunting but we need to focus on the process and encourage “NO” votes from your House member and Senate member.

Call one more time and ask for a NO vote on House Bill 1196. The House and Senate are scheduled to leave Harrisburg for the remainder of the year tonight!

Bullet Points for Talking Points:

“As a business owner and employer in your district and with my association, the PA Licensed Beverage & Tavern Association, we oppose allowing Distributors to sell down to a single bottle of beer to go as it will de-value our licenses by removing a privilege from our license capabilities we paid for and give it freely to the wholesale tier created to sell wholesale packages. This will also cripple my take-out business, hurt my ability to offer gainful employment, and further hurt our tier of the industry.”- Ask your Representative to vote no for this proposal if it moves. There are 2 days of session left in Harrisburg, the election is 3 weeks away, the proposal is one-sided and will only put small businesses and our 100,000 employees closer to closure.- Distributors already received 12-pack sales from the PLCB in 2015. Package Reform has always been a two-sided issue and our tier has not seen any movement from the Legislature or the PLCB to balance that decision.

– If this is about customer convenience, then “Free the Beer” entirely and let R, H, E, and D license holders stock and sell in any quantity that they deem fit for their particular small business. Competition benefits the consumers!

– The proposal is being positioned as the answer for Distributors because they did not receive wine sales to go in Act 39. Wine is not beer. There is a reason why Grocery Stores have purchased the majority of the 243 wine to go permits operating in the state. They can take the loss liter sale to direct consumer traffic as they have thousands of other home goods to sell to the same customer to make up for the loss. Our businesses cannot afford not to make a profit.

Philadelphia House Members
Leslie Acosta (D)
Capitol Phone: (717) 772-2004
District Phone: (215) 457-5281

Louise Bishop (D)
Capitol Phone: (717) 783-2192
District Phone: (215) 879-6625

Vanessa Lowery Brown (D)
Capitol Phone: (717) 783-3822
District Phone: (215) 879-6615

Donna Bullock (D)
Capitol Phone: (717) 787-3480
District Phone: (215) 684-3738

Kevin Boyle (D)
Capitol Phone: (717) 783-4944
District Phone: (215) 331-2600

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