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Philadelphia Licensed Beverage Association Launches Plan to Provide Free Health Care to Uninsured Restaurant Workers

Thanks to a new health care development, uninsured restaurant workers will have some added peace of mind.

The Philadelphia Licensed Beverage Association (PLBA) launched a new plan Thursday, Sept. 12, to provide on-demand primary health care to employees at minimum cost to the restaurateurs and bar owners. The plan is administered by the Restaurant Worker Referral Program (RWRP), a non-profit health care company.

“This is a great opportunity for us to provide a great benefit to our employees that is so desperately needed at a price that every size bar can afford,”said John Longacre, president of the PLBA.

Employees of participating restaurants and bars will have access to see a physician in the RWRP network free of charge. The restaurant owners pay a small fee of $50 to $400, depending on the size of the restaurant, to give employees access to the service.

The PLBA kick started the program and introduced it to the members to ensure fewer employee sick days, appreciation from workers who have difficulty getting primary health care, and more food supply chain security. The plan was well received by members and many plan to participate.

The mission of the PLBA is to promote the work of Tavern owners in Philadelphia.

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